Frequently Asked Questions

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Q: If I purchase a life or disability income policy will I need to get a physical from my doctor?

A: Depending on the amount of coverage that you are applying for you will need a simple para-med exam, which is done by one of the local para- med companies and only takes about 20 minutes.

Q: How long does it take to get a policy once I apply to the company?

A: For life and disability insurance it will take 5-6 weeks . Individual medical insurance, depending on what company we apply to will take 30 days.

Q: How do I know that I getting a quote from a quality insurance company at the lowest possible premium rate available in the industry?

A: Brassard & Associates are an independent insurance broker that represents several of the highest rated and most competitive companies in the industry. We also use Compulife software which provides monthly rates on the top 300 life insurance companies from the least expensive to the most expensive. You can even quote your own life insurance rates right here on our website, just click on the life insurance section and complete the requested information.

Q: Do we have to take time out to meet with you to complete an application?

A: No you don’t. Brassard & Associates has clients in several states across the country and we have done business by phone, computer, fax and the internet. I have taken many an applications over the phone, and mailed the application for signatures. Clients that are interested in obtaining individual medical insurance can obtain a quote on our website and apply on the website as well. We do have many clients locally that we meet with annually to review and update their coverage.

Q: I notice that you do all types of group insurance, both employer provided and voluntary where the employee pays the premium. My company has 3 employees would I be too small of a company for you to deal with us?

A: No not at all. Brassard & Associates has clients that are sole owners of companies with no employees, right on up to companies that employ 50 plus employees.

Q: You always mention your team concept when talking with your clients what is this concept and how does it work?

A: I have been in the insurance business since 1982, I know what our firm does well for our clients and I know the areas that we don’t get involved in. In today’s world you can’t be an expert in everything, so I have surrounded myself with some of the best professionals in the financial industry to refer our clients to. If you need a business liability policy, I don’t sell them, but I do have an associate that will give you the best price and service in the business. Need someone to review your 401 K plan, we have a relationship with one of the best financial planning firms in the country. Need a second opinion on a tax matter, here again we have a relationship with one of the top CPA firms in the area. So we have become an added value service to our clients who trust our recommendations and referrals.

I’M sure there are many other questions that you may have and if so please e-mail me at jim@yoursecurity.com or call us direct at 215-345-1578.