Plan for the Unthinkable

Any serious illness or accident that lasts 90 days or longer can wipe out several years of savings causing extreme financial stress on one’s family. Just about all of us have our most valuable assets covered by insurance in case of loss. We have our homes, cars, and personal property covered by insurance, but when it comes to our most valuable asset, our ability to earn an income, not many of us have income replacement insurance or disability insurance.

Without the ability to earn future income we put our financial future in ruin. There are several different types of income replacement policies in the market place and the concept of income replacement isn’t easily understood. There are also disability policies that cover the monthly expenses of a small business owner.

These policies will cover all fixed monthly expenses such as employee salaries, rent or interest on mortgage payments, insurance premiums, phone and other fixed monthly expenses. Let Brassard & Associates help you find and understand a policy that’s right for you and your family.

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